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For years, we have also been supporting the education and personal development of future generations, sharing our knowledge and success with young investors.


Who we are

VONOTUS GmbH & Co KG is a consulting company in which we care for the development of Polish companies in Germany.

We create a community based on common goals, values and passions, which helped us to become the founder of the largest Polish consulting group. During 7 years we have built a strong position and become the undisputed leader. Our experience and precision of operation allow us to keep constantly the highest level of services throughout Europe.


When creating strategies, we carefully consider our every move, and competences gained through many years of experience are turned into reliable profits for our clients. Thanks to this, we are significantly ahead of the competition and consistently expand the range of our activity.

At VONOTUS, we believe that people are the foundation of a well-functioning company, and we know that our success depends on individual achievements of our partners.

This is why we focus on the development of each of them and build a team of dedicated specialists who set the directions for the development of companies that have trusted us. Thanks to this, we are sure that the solutions we create are tailored to the individual needs and expectations of our clients, and the value of the projects and consortia built by the company is long-term and precisely planned.