Business support and accounting

We effectively introduce companies to the German market

Business support and accounting in the German market.

Our team consists of experts in their field who know how to comprehensively serve the Client. What we value most is attention to the smallest details, knowledge of the law, and current accounting standards. Years of experience and continuous skill improvement enable us to achieve the highest level of service in our industry. We believe that Client satisfaction is the only measure of our success.

Our Clients

They care about having all Polish-German settlements and formalities handled in one place. They primarily demand professionalism in every aspect and seek a trusted company for long-term cooperation. 

Shared communication

Out of respect for our clients’ time, we primarily communicate online. This allows for continuous and seamless contact with our clients and efficient management of current arrangements. Online meetings, phone calls, and email confirmations. That’s all! Fast, clear, and effective. 

Shared future 

Due to our continuously growing brand Vonotus, we provide our clients with comprehensive support in company formation, Public Affairs, PR marketing, and employee recruitment in both the Polish and German markets.