Raising financing

We effectively introduce companies to the German market

Raising financing for a company in Germany

Introducing companies to the German market is our domain. Entrepreneurs planning expansion and in need of additional sources of financing can rely on our professional assistance. We have extensive experience in collaborating with the largest entities offering loans and leases for businesses operating beyond the western border. Securing financing for a company in Germany begins with a meticulous analysis of offers to find the most competitive proposal for the client. Whether funds are needed for new machinery, software, or simply scaling up operations, we will find a convenient solution. Finance is one of the development branches we thrive in. We continuously expand our knowledge and skills to provide the best assistance in obtaining financing in foreign markets. 

Assistance in obtaining financing Germany

What sources of business financing are worth utilizing?

Of course, much depends on the type of business and the goal to be achieved. It’s therefore worthwhile to first entrust us with strategic business planning for a company in Germany so that we can thoroughly understand the company’s needs, assess its potential and competitive advantage. Even market leaders need funds for developing cost-intensive products or further investments, so whether it’s a company entering the market or one already operating vigorously, it doesn’t matter. We always choose the most advantageous method and carefully analyze financing terms.

We tailor the financial model to the business model and adapt variables that may have an impact on the forecasted financial results of the company. We translate planned actions and the company’s development strategy into a financial forecast, and then focus on operationally securing financing. With our broad range of competencies, our assistance in obtaining financing in Germany can encompass various forms – leasing, credit, factoring, grants, subsidies, or even stock issuance and bonds. We always tailor financing methods individually, in line with our clients’ expectations, actual needs, and company capabilities.