We effectively enter the German and Albanian markets.

Employee Recruitment in Germany and Albania

Expansion into foreign markets often involves the need to expand human resources. Thanks to our contacts with reputable employment agencies, we carry out effective employee recruitment in Germany and Albania for positions at all levels. These can be temporary workers when a company’s needs are increased (e.g., transportation companies or warehouses during holidays), as well as permanent employees who will join the company for an extended period. We organize both workforce teams necessary for work abroad, providing them with all the necessary formal and living conditions related to relocation, and we also engage in recruiting German and Albanian workers.

Employee Recruitment in Germany and Albania

The main motive for the expansion of Polish companies into Germany and Albania is access to new markets and clients, and usually, this requires hiring new specialists at various levels. Depending on the needs of the enterprise, we will conduct employee recruitment in Germany and Albania to acquire the most qualified staff.

We believe that the success of a company is primarily composed of people, and it is precisely this aspect of business development that needs special attention. Knowing the legal regulations and collaborating with reputable employment agencies, recruiting workers from Germany and Albania is not a problem for us.

The client will save a lot of time and resources on conducting recruitment processes, and we will find for them, depending on their needs – qualified experts or manual workers. Of course, entrepreneurs, management, or HR departments can directly participate in recruiting employees in Germany and Albania to personally select individuals with whom they want to develop the company. This is usually the case when it comes to recruiting specialists for managerial positions.

Acquiring specialists for your company in Germany and Albania

We offer our clients a full range of services in the field of comprehensive personnel consulting and cross-border delegation of employees. One of our services also includes recruiting specialists for companies in Germany and Albania – both delegated from Poland and employees living in Germany and Albania.

We stand out for our innovation and individual and non-schematic approach to the challenges ahead. We gladly leverage our experience and established networks, allowing us to reach the best experts in a given field.

Regardless of whether the client is looking for a production department manager, HR specialist, project manager, photographer, or sales director – we will certainly find suitable individuals who will excel in their assigned duties. In client relationships, we prioritize honest partnership and commitment, so we attach great importance to ensuring that recruiting employees in Germany and Albania proceeds at the highest level and is satisfying for both parties.