Starting a Business

We effectively introduce companies to the German market.

Company Formation in Germany 

Our specialists have years of experience in the registration and management of companies in Germany. We assist in establishing businesses, and thanks to our knowledge of all current regulations and related formalities, the actions entrusted to us proceed extremely smoothly and quickly. Company formation in Germany is our specialty, just like introducing Polish businesses to the German market. We continuously expand our knowledge of current legal regulations and participate in training sessions that enhance our qualifications and enable us to better meet our clients’ needs. We have experience in collaborating with the German tax authorities and are familiar with all procedures that facilitate the legal and safe conduct of business across the western border.

Registration and Management of Companies in Germany

The company VONOTUS offers comprehensive services to support entrepreneurs planning to register a company in Germany, as well as fully professional assistance to companies already operating in this country. We share our knowledge of German law and continuously monitor the latest changes and legal regulations.

We have a qualified workforce that gained its knowledge and experience by cooperating with authorities, administrative bodies, and law firms in Germany. We are aware that the most common problems faced by Poles abroad involve difficulties with handling official formalities. Therefore, we specialize in topics related to doing business abroad and make every effort to assist our clients in registering and managing companies in Germany. As part of our consulting services, we also provide expert advice on various aspects, such as conducting online sales in this country, obtaining financing for businesses, or resolving official issues stemming from a lack of knowledge of the German language.

Establishing Companies
Opening a business in Poland can be complicated and time-consuming. When planning international expansion, even more doubts arise. However, setting up a company in Germany can proceed smoothly. Experts from VONOTUS will prepare the appropriate ground for your business to thrive. We assist at every stage – from the idea, through notaries, financial authorities, all the way to ongoing company management. Building a strong brand in the international market and achieving the desired financial stability require knowledge, skills, and a network of contacts. Years of experience have made us well aware of how to introduce a company into the German market and represent entrepreneurs’ interests among foreign stakeholders. Regardless of the industry, scale, or business experience, we will undoubtedly also assist your company!